Shannon Paige Home Staging offers a range of staging services from simple consulting to
fully furnishing an empty house. There is no charge for an estimate of services. The best
way to decide what you need is to have a Shannon Paige representative come out to the
listed property and assess its needs. Here are some scenarios to help you decide what you
If you or someone is currently living in the home, and you
know it needs a little help in the way of streamlining, decluttering, or
rearranging, for a nominal fee, we'll supply a
floorplan with detailed
instructions on what will help the house show better and sell faster.
This includes recommendations on where to store stuff, etc.
The floorplan is probably the most
essential element in the staging process. A
successful floorplan not only helps shape
a room, it enhances the flow and helps
potential home buyers really get a good
feel for the space. A successful floorplan
is also part of each Shannon Paige
staging consultation.
Shannon Paige is staffed with only top-notch professionals,
so if you or your client need a hand during the editing process,
we'll assist with packing, moving, storing, cleaning, lawn
maintenance, just about anything you can think of to bring the
home to its peak performance.
Whether you need simple editing or a complete floor-to-ceiling installation we have all the tools and
expertise to make that happen.
Call Shannon Paige Home Staging at 415-810-6321 (in
for a free consultation.
We have full inventory so don't try and sell an empty house when
you could take it up several notches. It will sell faster and for more